A New Transition: @JaredGolberg Appointed Community Manager


This is me! The resident Nice Guy: Jared Golberg

Over the past few months, I have taken the plunge – Head First – into the world of digital social connection. Through Social Media, I’ve been successful at connecting with individuals on a very different level then that of the typical business cliche (cold calling is NOT my strength and never will be). I connect well with others on a very personable level and in order to utilize these skills more effectively, 5th Element Events has officially appointed me as the ‘Community Marketing Manager’.

What does this mean? Well, using the strength of our digital portals, I have been charged with providing a personal touch – personality if you will – to the 5th Element Events brand. The corporate events industry has been focused on sales sales sales, without a real connection to clients we sell our services to. I have a strong ability to connect with people without using a typical sales pitch. I am true to the word friendship and to be honest, at the end of the day, it’s more fullfilling to be able to call a client a friend. Over the next couple of months, I will become more visible within the event industry and to our partners and clients. Another focus will be to meet NEW people through NEW avenues at NEW social events! Transparency will be my sidekick in order to develop a strong sense of community within the world of 5th Element Events. Ultimately I endeavor to develop personally and become better at what I do through meeting YOU – I am truly excited and honoured.

“We design, produce and implement corporate events, but events succeed because of people and people are social – end of story!”

I learned a new concept today called Marketing Sideways: Marketing SIDEWAYS, not head-on, but  actually using a peripheral, more human and interesting component of brands to tell a story that compels customers and prospects – More so than any product, feature or benefit. Our pal Jared from Subway (not me haha), is a great example of providing a more human characteristic to a brand. Subway’s campaign surrounding Jared wasn’t on the dietary structure of subway sandwiches, but more on the man who eats the sandwiches; a compelling tale of a man who lost a lot of weight eating subs.

Well, my story is this: I am a creative being in all sense of the word! A music lover, graphic designer, trained vocalist, university graduate,  event designer, logistics junky and tech nerd. I love to be in front of a crowd, inspiring others to succeed. I adore great restaurants, music venues and lounges that cater to inspiring/ambitious people. My vice’s are photoshop, iTunes and sushi – Anything else you would like to know will have to be shared over a coffee or even lunch…

I don’t see this opportunity as a typically promotion. I see it as a way to grow and succeed very differently in creative marketing and networking. This is a huge development in brand acceleration. Not through products or services, but with people. People are ultimately brands. I hope to become a household name in the event industry with the phrase “What a nice guy” synonomous to the type of work we and I do.

Thank you to @AKthe5th @erin_bury @Charlottehrb @justinerdman and @missrogue for the inspiraton!

Jared Golberg @JaredGolberg @5ElementEvents jared@5thelementevents.com

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2 responses to “A New Transition: @JaredGolberg Appointed Community Manager

  • Aaron Kaufman

    I am extremely excited that Jared has elected to take on this
    role! Couldn’t think of a nicer guy! We are excited to meet all of the
    new contacts and friends!

    Way to go Jared & keep up the solid work… you are the new events industry
    nice guy!

  • Jason Baer

    Hi Jared. Thanks so much for the link. I’m glad you liked the “marketing sideways” concept. I have another post on site at http://www.convinceandconvert.com that goes into greater depth on the entire social media strategic planning process (7 ways to create a social media strategy).

    Also, as a new community manager, you must read http://www.altitudebranding.com from @ambercadabra You should link up with my friends DJ Waldow and Beth Harte, too. @djwaldow is community manager for Blue Sky Factory. Beth is community manager for MarketingProfs.


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